The Utkubok Trail

Information was obtained from the curriculum resource book:

Activities And Adventures For Learning On The

Utkubok Trail

By Gary J. Crosby


The reason for the Utkubok trail was for students to have the oppertunity to taste,smell,feel,see and hear different living lessons with each passing season. Known as " The Utkubok Nature and Fitness Trail", it is a project created and accomplished by the Arcadia Home and School Association with support from:

  • The Environmetal Partners Fund
  • Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission
  • The Municipality Of Yarmouth
  • The Town Of Yarmouth
  • The Yarmouth District School Board

  • and many other individuals, groups and corporations. Located adjacent to the Arcadia Consolidated School on Highway 3 in Arcaida, the trail is approximately one kilometer in length and is wheel chair accessible with assistance. Wildlife observation points and fitness stations are clearly indicated by signs along the trail.

    The trail, which encompasses a variety of habitats and borders the 800 hectare Chebogue River salt marsh, was named in honor of the Mi'kmac people and their respect for nature. The name UTKUBOK was first given to this region of the Chebogue River system by the Mi'kmaq people and means "spring of water". It was given the name because of the natural beauty that can be seen and the way of life the mi'kmac had, presefving the land and living in harmony with others.

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