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The village of Carleton is small and rural, and the businesses of the area have the same rural, community-based feeling.  Among these businesses are the Carleton Country Outfitters, Country Leather Creations,  and a restaurant named the "Bavaria" that specializes in German and Canadian cuisine. 

Water Wood Bed & Breakfast
Your host Carlene MacDonald and house cat Cody, would like to thank you for visiting our site and invite you to come and experience nature in Nova Scotia.  - 20 minutes from Maine Ferries & Airport 
Follow Rte. 101 in Yarmouth to exit 34 Rte. 340 N. to Carleton. 
In Carleton turn right at the store  Rte. 203 East. . 1 mile from the bridge on the left, Richardson's Lane.

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Diagram map to Carleton HERE

Carleton Country Outfitters

The Carleton Country Outfitters looks, at first glance, like a community lodge placed at the entrance to the village proper; almost as a welcome to those coming in from the town. Always decorated according to season, it can be seen layered with cornucopia and homemade scarecrows in the fall, decked with holly and lights near Christmas, or maybe just a hammock strung out in all its summer time glory for all to see, and perhaps buy. 

Inside, all the supplies of a camper can be found; ranging from fishing lures of all colours and sizes, boots and hunting camouflage, assorted edibles and a plethora of other country needs. The Outfitters is open 7:00am to 9:00pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9:00am to 8:00pm on Sunday. You can reach them at 761 - 3000. 

But the Outfitters is more than a store. At different times of the day, people of the community meet there; sometimes just to talk, sometimes to grab a bite to eat and play a round of cards at the tables placed throughout the building. 

The Bavaria Restaurant & Country Inn

Located atop a small hill above the Carleton River sits The Bavaria, Carleton's premier restaurant. The two owners, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, specialize in both Canadian and (primarily) German cuisine. 

Bavarian InnThe decor is beautiful, with an astounding view of the Carleton River emptying into a larger body of water. The inside surroundings are wonderfully lit to reveal old paintings, ships in bottles, and most prominently a series of long ivy vines that crawl from their pots across the whole ceiling. Taking the whole setting in as you eat is very reminiscent of a building you may imagine finding in Germany some time ago. 

Open year round, The Bavaria offers a varied menu including basic meat-and-potatoe dishes, schnitzels, rich cappachino, exotic desserts and everything in between. If visiting Carleton, this is one place one should consider visiting. The phone number for the Bavaria is 761 - 2386. 

Gary Allen's Excavating
Right in the midst of Carleton, on 71 Triangle Road, is the excavating business of Gary Allen's. Providing gravel and fill, digging wells or cleaning septic tanks, the business offers all the services any excavator would. For more information, call them at 761 - 2313. 

James Allen's Used Cars
In the business of refurbishing and selling cars, Mr. Allen's workplace is located side-by-side with DJ's Used Clothing. He can be reached at 761 - 2690. 

David White Construction

Offering carpentry of all types, Mr. White's services are not limited to just Carleton, but in all the surrounding areas, even unto the Town of Yarmouth. Based out of the Kelly road in Carleton, inquiries can be phoned in at 761 - 2096. 


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