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Chebogue: Community

Chebogue is a very beautiful place to visit. While you are driving through Chebogue, drop by Cook's Dairy and get some of their great ice-cream. You can also visit some of the wharfs and watch the fishermen hard at work. Chebogue is one of the oldest fishing communities in Yarmouth. At low tide you can go down to the shore and dig for some shell fish. In the winter time you can gather your friends and go sliding down one of Chebogue's rolling hills. There are also some good places to go to in the summer time if you get a craving for some berries. You can go down to the Town Point Cemetery to visit the grave of a "leading lady". You can look out at the Chebogue Harbour and imagine the tale of the mystery ship, Baltimore, ( Read her story on the Chebogue History link.) and you can visit the oldest house in Chebogue.

As you can see, Chebogue is anything but  boring. So come on down and visit Chebogue!

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