Sandbeach:  Road and beach

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Taken from Guestbook entry: Date: 7/5/2004

I was just looking at the photos of Sand Beach.  Like Marie I remember going down to the beach and enjoy playing in the sand and swimming in the water.  This was in the 50's, it's a shame that people have ruined such a beautiful family area. 

My late Mother Hilda Cosman Gorveatt was born in Sand Beach, the daughter of John Edward Cosman and his wife Janie Hubbard Cosman.

I will be attending the HUBBARD family reunion in August, but alas I will not go down to the beach.  It would break my heart to see what happened to it. 

Mrs. Ann MacDonald

Well Ann, the beach is still a nice place to visit. My memory of the beach only goes back to the 70's when I use to go there to dig clams.  I wish I had some pictures of how it looked 50 years ago.   I am not sure why the beach has changed, some of it is due to natural processes,  like the mound of "sea grass" in the picture below.  That was not their in the 70's.   I didn't pick you a rose but I pictured you the one on the left, and their are a few more pictures below  

Hope you enjoy your family reunion.  

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Road down to the beach Mound of "sea grass" Beach facing North