Rockville / Kelley’s Cove

Rockville is approximately a mile from Kelley’s Cove, near Chebogue Point. The Indian name for Chebogue, “Utkubok”, “a spring of water” included this area. This was formerly Lower Chebogue until the citizens chose the newer, descriptive name of Rockville. An early name was “Rocky Nook”
Kelley’s Cove is a community just south of Yarmouth Sound. The Indian name for Chebogue, “Utkubok”, “a spring of water” included this area, also. Another Indian name “Ulsebookt”, “little harbour” would also apply. When the first settlers came, Little Harbour was the name used. The latter name is from one of the first settlers, Captain James Kelly ( or Kelley) who came from Manchester,Massachusetts about the year 1765.

Chebogue is considered by many to be the birthplace of Yarmouth. Also the two neigbouring communities of Rockville and Kellys cove have contributed greatly to the origin of the county of Yarmouth. On June 9,1761 the first English settlers to lcome to Yarmouth landed at Town Point, which is located in Chebogue.The first settlers were a three families, all of whom were from Sandwich, Mass. The three families were the Perrys, Ellisses and the Landers. All of these family names can still be found throughout Yarmouth and Nova Scotia. The three families came across on the Pompey Dick. In 1761 the first English child in Yarmouth county was born to one of the founding families of Chebogue.
Chebogue has many interesting occurences that make the community unique. The infamous lupin that dots most of Nova Scotia was supposedly brought to Chebogue by a blind lady from Holland. From there the flower has spread everywhere. Many years ago some people ran across a spot that turned out to be a possible indian settlement or ancient burial ground.The first protestant church in Yarmouth was built in Chebogue in 1766. In 1735 an incident happened that still brings world interest. At town point in chebogue a ship came in that was soaked in blood. There was one lone survivor, a women who told a tale of mystery and how many people were killed on board. There is an interesting monument in the Town Point that still still attracts many tourists from abroad. What attracts all this attention is a statue of a lady that is made entirely out of marble. According to legend the statue was made when a man went to Europe and saw a lady asleep in a wheat field , he thought that she was so beautiful that he decided to preserve her image forever.

The neighboring communities of Rockville and Kellys Cove also have some unique incidents.In 1790 Sir James Pearl of Kellys Cove was Knighted by the royal family. In 1804 Senator Ezra Churchill was born, he is reportedly to be the richest man ever born in Nova Scotia.